Is This Odd?

I love to decorate for various occasions as has been established. ­čÖé But my husband has teased me about one of my decorations for several years now (though he admitted recently that he’s come to like it!)


The tree with the bathroom lights on

I have a little Christmas tree in the downstairs bathroom.


The tree with the bathroom lights off

It’s cute. Almost like a nightlight. I really enjoy it, and I miss it when January 1 rolls around and I have to put it (and all the other decorations) away.

How about you? Do you have an opinion about this – or an odd decorating place of your own to share? ┬á­čÖé

Getting Ready For Thanksgiving


A practice run, with a Thanksgiving-style lunch

Some of you who have been here a while have probably figured out that I like to get into the various seasons. This often includes decorating.

Since Thanksgiving (and autumn in general) is my favorite holiday, I tend to do almost as much in-house decorating as I do for Christmas (I’m sure some posts about that will be forthcoming in the next month). ­čÖé

The picture above is from a week and a half ago, when my sister -in-law and her friend, my older daughter and her fianc├ę, and myself and my husband had lunch before my younger daughter’s performance as Ursula in The Little Mermaid at our local community theater.

Because I won’t see my sister-in-law on the actual holiday, and she was feeling down, as this will be her first year without her husband, who passed away unexpectedly in May, I decided to throw an impromptu “Thanksgiving luncheon” and do a little decorating. A kind of “special occasion” meal.

imageA couple years ago, I purchased these plates (because they were on sale, and I was finally getting a chance to host thanksgiving dinner for the first time, after years of traveling to either my parent’s home or my in-law’s home for the celebration).



The way I will always remember Pa 2 and family dinnersIn fact, this picture is of the last Thanksgiving I celebrated at the homestead, with my father at the head of the table. It was the year before he died, and this happy scene is one of the ways I will always fondly remember him. This is pretty much what our table looked like most nights, in terms of people around it, when I was growing up, and my father was always the warm, steady, strong center of our large and lively family of girls (with a few males thrown in, eventually, as we brought home beaus or married). Another picture┬ásimilar to this one┬áis featured in Moose Tracks on the Road to Heaven┬á(which has┬á around 20 photos that are related to and sometimes inspired the novel’s scenes sprinkled throughout),┬áso if any of you end up getting a copy of the book when it comes out, you can see if you find it. ­čÖé

Anyway, back to the reason for this post. Is there anyone else out there who just enjoys putting on a fancy meal once in a while – not where the food is necessarily fancy, but where you like to set a pretty table, or have things just look extra nice?

I’m hoping┬áthat maybe there are a few of you out in blog-land who have opinions about this one way or the other. So please share in the comments.

I’ll be sharing about something else that many find a little weird, in regards to how I prepare my turkey, in a future post, so stay-tuned! ­čÖé

Autumn Decorating


My mantel, decorated for autumn…the candles – and angel candleholders – work for Christmas, too, so I get a lot of mileage out of them ­čÖé

I used to only go all out decorating inside the house for Christmas.

But more recently, I’ve brought my love of Autumn indoors and a few years ago, purchased some leaf garlands, wreaths, and candle tapers in appropriate hues. Sometimes I get them out before Halloween, and other times, like this year, they don’t make it onto mantels and walls until the beginning of November.

I can’t help wondering how many others like to decorate for autumn in their homes. There must be some, otherwise, the stores wouldn’t carry the items I’ve found. But I only know one other person, personally, who does this kind of thing. I hope I’m not too weird (but I’m afraid it’s pretty likely that I am…and for more reasons than just my decorating proclivities!). ­čÖé

pumpkinsI’ve gone to the store to buy ceramic, composite, and otherwise formed and decorated “harvest”┬ápumpkins (the darker orange one of these, from Big Lots, is on my dining room table on an autumn table-runner┬áas a centerpiece at the moment)…


harvestAbout five years ago, I even picked up┬ásome “Pilgrim” figurines at the grocery store that are┬ásimilar to these. These are a little more ornate, but they’re made of similar composite (not plastic but not ceramic either) material that makes them not too easily breakable (important when you have cats that chase each other and sometimes knock things over).

So now my house is all decked out for Thanksgiving, which I guess is a good thing, since I’m cooking again this year, and there will be at least six – and maybe ten – at the table. It’s my favorite holiday, though, so I can’t wait.

How about you – other than the traditional Christmas/Hanukkah times,┬ádo you like to bring any of the seasons indoors?