The Books

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Click on the Homestead for info and links to CONTEMPORARY titles written as

   M. Reed McCall


Castle Bunratty_edited-2


Click on the Castle for info and links to Award-winning HISTORICAL titles written as

Mary Reed McCall

Information, excerpts, and links for all of Mary’s historical titles are available through the castle icon above – or click on a specific title below to be brought to that book’s page (listed here in order of original publication):

3 thoughts on “The Books

    • Hi Paula. I am not the author of that series. The author you seek published all of her books within the last few years, while my historical romances were published from 2001-2008. She decided to publish under her name “Mary McCall” which is also her legal name, (as it is mine, though for publishing purposes I’ve always used Mary Reed McCall or M. Reed McCall) and people have been confusing us ever since. I do not believe she currently has a website. I’m sorry for the confusion and wish there was a way to rectify it. All best, Mary Reed McCall


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