Work In Progress…

masterpiece-book-box-set-of-10I’m sorry I’ve been quiet here for a few days.

imageThe Thanksgiving holiday was wonderful,  joyful (and food-filled! That’s my plate before I dug in and finished every last bite 🙂 ), and between all the celebrating I’ve been working with my cover designer as she puts the finishing touches on the official cover for Moose Tracks on the Road To Heaven. It’s looking gorgeous, and the cover reveal should be in the next day or so. Very excited about that!

The novel is also still on track to go up for presale (in ebook) mid-December, with official hard release in print and ebook on February 3rd.

c2bd9218d57733427d4d0618d9888bdeGetting a book out into the world is indeed a bit like giving birth…there are stages and transitions, some painful moments, and ultimately joy. I’m getting close to the joyful part now, and I’m looking forward to sharing the process with all of you.

I hope you all have a wonderful remainder of the weekend, and I’ll be checking in again soon.

3 thoughts on “Work In Progress…

  1. Thank you, Susan! It is an exciting process. I’d love to read/hear more about yours as well. I know your blog focuses on your profession in nursing, which I also enjoy very much. I admit that I selfishly love when you post about writing. I just found a post of yours from a week or so ago about conflict and wrote a comment there. What kind of book are you writing, if you don’t mind my asking? (If it’s top secret, that’s okay, too, and I understand the need not to share until it’s “ready” 🙂 ).

    Thanks for the comment here, regardless.


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