The Maiden Warrior

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“Dazzling!” — NYT Bestselling author Teresa Medeiros

  • “Mary Reed McCall never fails to deliver.” ~ NYT Bestselling author Julia Quinn
  • “Fast paced, adventurous and exciting, THE MAIDEN WARRIOR is a strong tale that draws readers in…Ms. McCall juxtaposes the horrors of war with the need for the healing power of love.” Romantic Times Book Reviews

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Born under signs of prophecy, baby Gwynne is believed to be the legendary warrior from Avalon brought to new life. But the Welsh rebels’ rejoicing is short-lived, for, desperate to protect her babe from a life of brutality and war, Gwynne’s mother steals her away and hides her with Druids. With them Gwynne grows in peace, finding forbidden love with a handsome English youth – until the day her father, the powerful warlord Prince Owain, tracks her down. During her violent abduction her betrothed is gravely injured, and she loses all memory of the life she’s loved. Now she hears only that her Duty is to be the savior to her people. For years, Owain ruthlessly forges her new identity, using indoctrination and relentless physical training to bring forth the leader her country yearns for: A lethal warrior of mythic skill and agility known as the Dark Legend…


Twelve years after he thought he’d seen Gwynne die at the hands of Welsh rebels, English nobleman Aidan de Brice has risen to prominence as King Henry II’s famed “Scourge of Wales”. His sole purpose is to crush the Welsh rebellion that has gained resurgence under the elusive warrior known as the Dark Legend. But when he meets this rebel leader in combat and discovers “his” true identity, nothing can remain the same. For then Aidan must wage the greatest war of all, one between his duty and his heart, knowing he cannot – he will not – risk Gwynne facing future harm. Defying his king, Aidan must use all of his power to rekindle her lost memories…battling to help her heart remember a soul-stirring love that is mightier than any sword, kingdom, or crown.


*Originally published by HarperCollins/Avon in 2002 and re-released by the author in 2012

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