The Crimson Lady

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THE CRIMSON LADY won the Romantic Times Magazine Reviewer’s Choice Award for “Best Medieval-Set Romance” of 2003.

“A must-read for fans of the medieval subgenre.” ~ Heartstrings Reviews

  • McCall breathes life and passion into richly textured romance.”~ Romantic Times Book Reviews

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Raised on the streets of medieval London, Fiona Byrne is sold into a life of sin, purchased by a powerful nobleman who is as depraved as he is handsome. Under his wicked tutelage, she becomes England’s most desired courtesan: Giselle de Coeur, “The Crimson Lady” – an extraordinary beauty whose sensual skill is legendary, but whose shame is too painful to bear. After years under the nobleman’s control, Fiona escapes, taking the disguise of a simple seamstress in an effort to live in peace. But then she is discovered by Braedan de Cantor, a desperate mercenary knight. He threatens to expose her secret unless she will aid him in finding his sister, who has been debased at the hands of the same corrupt master. Though she dreads re-entering that dark world, Fiona cannot help but be moved by the daring stranger’s plea – or by the way his compassion and honor stir her heart.


Braedan has suffered disgrace of his own, stripped of his good reputation and cast into the world of outlaws for seeking vengeance against his sister’s defiler. When he searches for the notorious Crimson Lady, he thinks only to use her knowledge of London’s shady underworld to attain justice – but he is not prepared for the complex and soulful woman he finds, a lady willing to confront her darkest fears for the chance to do what is right. She captivates his heart and inflames his passions, kindling a fierce desire to protect her from any threat or harm. Through the strength of their love, Braedan learns to see the world with new eyes. And as they prepare to defy the powerful forces aligned against them, he vows that he will do anything – enter any battle and conquer any foe – in order to keep her safe. For this exquisite, courageous woman who holds his heart and soul embodies the one real truth he has been seeking all his life, offering him a magnificent destiny they can share together, finally free from the seductive façade of…


*Originally published by HarperCollins/Avon in 2003 and re-released by the author in 2012

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