“Writerly” Perks

signing twoedited

First Moose Tracks book signing, 2/21/15, with a few of my older titles off to the side

One of the perks of being a published author – for me at least – has always been book signings.

I know it’s kind of a dying form; large, multi-author signings are still popular at annual writing/readers conferences and the like, but there are less and less bookstores to host individual signings. Also, I know many authors who dislike them (and I must admit I’ve had a few “interesting” experiences as well –  I remember one notable occasion at a Barnes & Noble many years ago, where the only person to stop at the table and chat was someone who wanted directions to the rest room!)  🙂

But I generally enjoy them because it gives me a chance to meet people and talk about books – and not always my books, either, but books in general. Sometimes people who stop by want to know about writing itself, or how to do it, or they want tips for how to get published. I try my best to address all questions and inquiries to the best of my ability – and I’ve met some really interesting people along the way.

Because Moose Tracks isn’t put out by a traditional publisher, the opportunities for book signings this time around will likely be limited. Chain bookstores won’t carry print copies of it, and only independent book stores who have a reason to carry it would likely go through the process to order (if they have an account with Baker and Taylor, I understand they can get copies through the print publisher, Create Space).

mysteries on main streetI was happy to have a signing last weekend, therefore, in nearby bookstore: a great little shop called Mysteries on Main Street.  It was a lot of fun and I met some new readers, in addition to getting to chat and visit with some I already knew. A photographer from the local paper even stopped by and snapped a few pics.

booksigning oneedited

Signing a book for a friend who stopped by while the news photographer sets up shot

I think if I hadn’t been an English teacher and writer, I would have/should have been a bookstore owner, employee, or a librarian. I love books! I love being around them. And the two hours I spent at this signing flew by, not only because of the activity of people coming in to buy and have me sign a book, but also because the atmosphere of the bookstore just soothes and delights me.

If you’re an author, how do you feel about book signings?  If you’re a reader, have you ever been to one – or would you ever attend one?  Why or why not?

2 thoughts on ““Writerly” Perks

  1. On a family trip to Mount Rushmore, I met Don Clifford, the last survivor on the team that did the chiseling work on the mountain side. His younger wife ( must have been #2 ) stood next to him. He wrote a small book of his memories of his work.
    I was so excited for so many reasons: He was a writer. He was involved in something incredible. He had so much life experience. And he was signing the book I had in my hand. It was amazing!

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    • A great story, Susan! I empathize with the excitement completely. 🙂

      I remember attending a romance writer’s conference in NYC in 1994 – before I was published – and being so anxious to get a book signed by my favorite romance author, Teresa Medeiros. Only when I got to the signing room, she’d already had to leave to catch her flight home. She was so kind when she heard the story two years later (at another conference, where I finally got a book signed by her) that we struck up an online/email friendship and years later, when I ended up being represented by the same literary agency that represents her (unbeknownst to me at the time) it seemed like complete serendipity. She ended up providing several cover endorsements for my early romance novels.

      We’re still friendly and I still admire her work greatly. She’s one of the reasons I started writing in the first place, and I’ll never forget that sense of excitement at getting to meet her face to face. 🙂

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