Seasonal Images From My Home To Yours


The tree and decorated mantel in my living room. My chair is the one closest to the shelves; my husband’s is nearest to the camera

Now that my grades are in for the five weeks (even though I just got in another eight inch stack to grade over the holidays) I have a little time to breathe and enjoy the sights and sounds of the season. I thought I’d share a few images from around my house, since I’m a home body and I love to decorate for whatever occasion I can. 🙂


A little glass of eggnog with nutmeg gets things going.

imageThis “mistletoe crystal” was a gift from a friend last year. I think it looks really pretty hanging from the chandelier in our dining room.

imageFor me, Christmas-time wouldn’t be complete without some old-fashioned, “clove” oranges. The tradition of using cloves stems back further than medieval times, but the use of clove-studded oranges for scent and sight became very popular in the Victorian era. I made these last weekend (it doesn’t take long) and used the old iridescent fruit bowl my parents bought for me at an old antique/second-hand shop a couple of decades ago, perched on the silver case my sister-in-law bought for my husband and me when we got married 24+ years ago.


A close-up of the some of the lights and decorations on the mantel. I think this looks a little like a Christmas card design, don’t you?


And a shot of our sweet English shepherd, Cassie, snoozing under the Christmas tree. So cozy!

I hope you’re getting some opportunities, whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanza, or nothing at all, to enjoy the different pace of the season.

5 thoughts on “Seasonal Images From My Home To Yours

    • That would be nice!! I love to have company and at the holidays it’s even nicer. If you are ever in the area, please let me know…a little reunion would be lovely, even if it’s not the holidays. 🙂


    • Thank you, Tony – I hope to do just that.

      In fact, I tried to get started a little early, and last night decided to eschew all work and just put my feet up in my recliner (with a nice little blanket) to watch the “Michael Buble’ Christmas Special” with my younger daughter. Of course after the program ended, I also fell asleep there, thanks to several night of into-the-wee-hours-grading, and so I woke up at 5:00am, in the same position, still wearing my eyeglasses, LOL!

      I hope you also have a wonderful season, with plenty of time for relaxation and joy. 🙂


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