Vintage Christmas

Vintage-Christmas-card-christmas-33061199-500-363It’s true that I enjoy vintage Halloween and Thanksgiving  pictures…but I adore vintage Christmas images. Here are a couple for you to enjoy  as a start (you know there will be more in coming days, LOL!)…

Vintage-Christmas-christmas-32887773-1200-881This one is a favorite for the atmosphere it evokes. It’s peaceful and warm, all at the same time. It reminds me of the Night Before Christmas book my father used to read to us…and it also kind of reminds me of this scene from Anne of Avonlea (another favorite film made from a book, this version featuring the irrepressible Megan Follows as Anne Shirley. You can see her performing now on the CW’s series REIGN, where she plays Queen Catherine de’ Medici, pictured here on the left, just behind Adelaide Kane, who plays Mary Queen of Scots, and Toby Regbo, who plays King Francis). 1212-final-580x385

I always loved this second entry into the “Anne” trilogy, because she became a teacher in this film and experienced the freedoms of life on her own for the first time. I had my own VHS copy of the trilogy, and when I was a first year teacher (newly-armed with my undergraduate degrees in English and Russian, and a mere 22 years old), living away from home and not in college for the first time in my life, I would watch this video again and again, snuggled into my little studio apartment above the diner in Hancock, NY, where I had my first teaching position. Cozy and wonderful – the perfect situation at a perfect time in my life.

There are many more reasons why Christmas-time – the whole month of December, really – holds such a special place in my heart, as it does for so many others. But those will be subjects of other posts. Here is another lovely image for now, and I’ll save some of the other stories and pictures (and another sneak peek from Moose Tracks on the Road to Heaven) for later!Vintage-Christmas-christmas-32837432-1024-768

2 thoughts on “Vintage Christmas

  1. Dominic Angelo Stefanoni says:

    Mary, Hello and Happy Belated Thanksgiving and A Merry Christmas to YOU and your Family. My name is Dominic, I too am a lover of the vintage. I guess I get that from my parents as well as my one sister, Angela Marie. My question is this: That print in which you make the comment, “It reminds me of the Night Before Christmas book my father used to read to us.” Do you know the Artist OF that print? Would LOVE to get a copy. Again, A MERRY CHRISTMAS to you and family! “) Dominic

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    • Hello, Dominic! Happy Belated Thanksgiving and A Very Merry Christmas season to you, as well! 🙂 The print is from the Library of Congress and is from a vintage Christmas card. The only info I’ve been able to find out is that it’s called “Christmas Eve” and the artist was J. Hoover. Here is a link to it at the Library of Congress. It is a file with no known restrictions or copyright, so you can download right from the Library of Congress yourself if you wish to make a print. Or, if you google “J. Hoover Christmas Eve there are some sellers who offer prints that are poster seized, framed, or what have you.

      I hope it will be a fruitful quest for you. All best to you and yours…thanks for stopping by and visiting! 🙂


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