Acknowledgements and Author’s Note


Blank (thus far) Acknowledgements Page for Moose Tracks on the Road to Heaven

I’m in the process of crafting the Acknowledgements Page and Author’s note for Moose Tracks on the Road to Heaven. The Dedication for this one was easy for me, since the novel is loosely (very, very loosely) autobiographical in nature. In fact, the only two “characters” who are truly similar to the “real” people they represent are the “Pa” and “Ma” characters – and that is to whom I’ve dedicated the novel (because without them there wouldn’t have been even the germ of the idea to begin with).

But the Acknowledgements and Author’s Note are stumping me.

This is my eighth published novel, so it’s not like I haven’t done this before. imageHere’s the one I wrote for the final book in my Templar Knights trilogy: The Templar’s Seduction.

But I always, always drag my heels at this part of the writing process.

Why? you might wonder. It should be easy to thank the people who have helped you along the way with the manuscript, and not too much effort to provide some background and “fill-in” information for readers in the Author’s Note, right?

Yes, of course.

And no, definitely not.

I’m always worried about leaving someone – or, in the case of the Author’s Note, something – out that should be there. There are so many who overtly or just in my mind and memories lent something to the creation of a book like this; and I always enjoy reading about those in other writers’ books. There is a great deal of background and information that might, with its addition, give readers something useful or enjoyable after they’ve just finished reading the novel; material that might add a bit of extra texture or layered emotion to what they’ve just read (since I tend to put my Author’s Notes at the end of each novel).

And so I put it off, and put it off, until my back is against the wall.


Does anyone else who writes novels – or books of anything – face a similar conundrum? How do you manage it?

For readers out there, do you notice Dedications, Acknowledgements, or Author’s Notes? If you do, is it something you enjoy, or something you just skip over?

7 thoughts on “Acknowledgements and Author’s Note

  1. I read acknowledgments, personally, but I know many who do not. I like to see who the author thanks because I know how difficult the publishing process is and it is fun to see those who supported the author through it all.

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    • But you are a writer as well, yes, L.N.? I wonder if mostly those who are writers in addition to being (obviously) readers pay attention to the Acknowledgements and/or Author Pages…but in general others do not? It would make an interesting inquiry. I hope others will pop in and add their comments and identify themselves from whatever background they have. 🙂

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  2. As a reader ( and aspiring writer) I notice these things because as you said, they give me even more depth to the story. I am also intrigued by the person who’s imagination crafted the work I’ve enjoyed reading.

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  3. Linda G says:

    Yes! I read them because many provide a perspective into the heart and mind of the author. It’s fascinating to gain a little insight into what is important to an author when I read a book. It makes me feel almost like “family”. Of course, those that provide just a list of names or a cursory “thank you” are written off (perhaps unjustly so) as someone a bit shallow or someone protecting who they really are from the inquiring populace. My 2 cents 🙂 Linda

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