The Persistence of Love


Artwork from Teresa Medeiros’s Charming the Prince

My Lief is Faren in Londe                                 

 My lief is faren in londe                         (My love has gone away)

 Allas, why is she so

And I am so sore bonde                        (strictly bound)

I may nat come her to

She hath myn herte in holde                 (she has possession of my heart)

Wherever she ride or go

With trewe love a thousand fold.

                                                               ~Anonymous, 14th century

So, here is my thought for the night: Society, fashions, expectations, hobbies, habits, food preferences, occupations, geography, social statuses, and even life expectancies change from age to age, but love, is love, is love…has been since human beings uttered the first love poem or song, and will be beyond the future we can see. This is in part, at least, why I enjoy writing – and reading – medieval romances, and why they’ve never seemed “too long ago” or “too strange and far removed” for my sensibilities as they are for some.

Love, with all of its sweet tension, its yearning, its agony and its glory, is always new and intoxicating for those who first taste of it, though centuries may come and go.

Now, isn’t that a beautiful thought? 🙂

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