Ruby Port Wine

Glass of port wine in a 1950’s glass, backed by a 19th century “carved lion-head” writing desk, passed down to me from my German Grandma, Mary Sinderman Reed

Even the name “Ruby Port Wine” makes me happy.

This one is from the oldest winery in America, Brotherhood Winery, established in 1839; ruby port wine is rich, jewel-toned, and sweet on the tongue (the words and wine, both).

Sometimes a nice glass of it is the only civilized way to end the day…

From The Mist in the Mirror, by Susan Hill: “The day’s newspapers and some journals were set out upon the desk, some decanters of sherry and port stood on a table. I unpacked, bathed and, comfortable in robe and slippers, warmed myself with a glass, beside the fire.”

Such a soothing image and one of the elements I like best about Susan Hill’s writing…the comforting imagery and “hominess” (heightened by the fact that this small excerpt is taken from a ghost story) 🙂

Wishing everyone a pleasant evening!

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